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Welcome to MENDmyfone

Hello! Welcome to MENDmyfone, ALL our repairs automatically include the CARE PLAN that is dedicated to protecting your favourite fones. We know how much you love your mobile phone and tablet, which is why we have included our comprehensive service contract at fantastic prices.

It takes only ONE simple step to purchase a repair which includes our care plan and we are proud to support your mobile phone and tablet from mechanical breakdown and accidental damage. Should you damage your device after the repair, send it back to us, and the next repair will cost half price + an administration fee of £4.99. For a service company that really understands you, look no further than MENDmyfone.

Key Features

Mechanical Breakdown

When your device stops working, your service contract will mend it

Leading Service Provider

Mendmyfone is a leading service provider of mobile phone repairs

Instant Support

Call our service line and get the extra support that you need


you will always be aware of the status of your repair

Happy Clients
Years in Business
Cups of Coffee
High Score

Quick and Simple CARE Plan

We believe CARE plan should be simple and affordable, which is why we offer high value service contracts at fantastic prices. Forget complicated and confusing contracts that do not offer what you really need.

At MENDmyfone, we will always be clear and concise. We promise to keep our industry jargon in our boardroom and out of your service plan. We also believe in quick and pain-free services too, which is why all of our customer care teams are based in the UK, all in-house with over 10 years experience. If you have a problem, just give us a call and one of our experts will be on hand to help in a matter of no time. So, if you love your mobile phone and tablet, take a service plan with MENDmyfone today!



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At Mendmyfone, our Care plans are different. Your repair automatically includes the plan, which means that you only pay half the cost of any future repairs per annum. Each booking is subject to a £4.99 administration fee.

Service plans are very much what they say – involving your paying in advance for periodic servicing of your machine or appliance including the repair or replacement of working parts which might have failed.

Therefore, they are sometimes also described as service and repair plans – but you might also see them described as protection plans, care plans or extended warranties.

Perhaps most commonly used for motor cars, service plans may also be offered for domestic appliances such as gas boilers, AGA ranges, washing machines and washer dryers. They seem to be favourites of manufacturers and retail shops, although the latter have gained a reputation for selling such plans at very high prices, sometimes amounting to the cost of replacing the appliance as new.

Service plans typically provide for the periodic servicing and maintenance of the machine or appliance, replacing or repairing parts which may have worn out and, in the case of some companies, providing “pre-emptive” replacement of parts deemed likely to tail before the next scheduled service.

The service plan represents a contract between you and the manufacturer or retailer, but does not have the force of an insurance contract and the sale of such plans is therefore not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or given the protection of the FCA’s Compensation Scheme (FCACS) if the provider fails to deliver the promised services or goes into liquidation.

If you have broken your device after your initial repair, you can simply book a repair through the Care option on the homepage. In most cases, we’ll approve your repair immediately so you can quickly book an engineer for a day to suit you.

We approve more than 99% of requests instantly*.

While all repairs must be approved first, we’ll always deal with your request fairly. However, in rare cases we may, at our discretion, decline a repair that would otherwise fall within your protection plan.

*Based on aggregation of calls between April – Aug 2017

If we decide your device is beyond repair, we could offer you a replacement device with similar specification.

If we replace your device, you will need to pay delivery fees, plus any the cost of a new replacement device, or a refurbished device. Please check your plan terms and conditions for more information.

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